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Commercial Lightscaping / Low Voltage Lighting Installation

Business Property Landscape Lighting Installed South Jersey

Commercial Business Lighting:

Night Lighting: We create and install the best and the brightest properties for businesses in South Jersey.

Eaise creates a well lit property by using night lighting.

Night Lighting is a low voltage (12 Volt) outdoor lighting system designed to enhance your landscaping or accentuate the architecture of your property.

A Night Lighting system will add value to a property both aesthetically and functionally. Outdoor lighting extends the safety of your property by adding additional lighting for customers and employees alike.

Custom manufactured finishes on all fixtures as well as quality equipment, i.e., transformers, automatic controllers and motion sensors, ensure long satisfaction and performance.

All equipment carries a guaranteed 5 year warranty on the specially coated finishes on all fixtures. Trained technicians and designers provide our customers with individual consultations and specifically designed lighting plans.

We specialize in Vista and Kichler products.

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